Business Context mapping methodology

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Do it, take control over your business information, and ensure the usefulness of the business information systems you use. Use the Business Context Mapping Methodology (BCM) by Semansys. BCM consists of Quick Ethics to define your business context and KPI-Mapping to collect and describe the performance metrics you need to monitor your business.


Quick Ethics

With Quick Ethics you define - in a comprehensive way - the key elements that drive your business. Quick Ethics focuses on distilling the business context of individual professional workers. Via a group session, knowledge workers transform the individual needs into the group's best practice and collective knowledge business context. The end result is a detailed description of the individual's mission, main objectives, key tasks, daily activities, hot problem areas, communication and control needs and much more.



When your objectives, key tasks, control & communication areas are defined, the business metrics to monitor your business are collected and described. Via the Semansys KPI Mapping method your organization is enabled to collect and describe the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that you need to monitor every aspect of your business. Every method you use to measure your business performance can be facilitated, Financial ratios, Balanced Score Card, Activity Based Costing, Quality Management, etc.


Optimally applied software

The tight interaction between the Business Context Mapping and Semansys Business Monitoring software ensure the best possible fit between your business and the information you receive.


Services all the way to success

You and your team know how to run your business; Semansys knows how to support you all the way.











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