Flexible, adaptable and low-cost technology that puts you in the driver’s seat.


With our full range suite of XBRL solutions we offer end users, regulators, software developers and intermediaries, the possibility to benefit from the power and advantages of the worldwide XBRL standard for financial and business reporting XBRL without the necessity to invest a lot of time and money in understanding the standard.


We have used our XBRL Core technology, that complies with all elements of the current version of the XBRL standard (including Formula and Inline support), to develop a wide range of solutions for taxonomy management and XBRL report generation, validation and rendering.


We provide the following solutions:


•   As (web) services for taxonomy management, XBRL report management including work flow,


•   On the desktop for XBRL Reporting,


•   As service based components for integration of XBRL reporting chains with back office systems.


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