SemansysNext Rendering Module

SemansysNext is a newly developed platform that is API driven bringing the modules and their functionality towards users via a portal. This means that all the functionality available is developed as an API first and used within the portal. This allows full flexibility for users to either use the online portal to execute the task they want to complete or the opportunity to integrate the same functionality via APIs into existing software solutions.

Here is the third in our series to highlight the Modules:

With the R-module a report (defined in XBRL) can be rendered into a user-friendly readable report. The module supports two types of reports, the first one is labelled as an ‘table’ view. This report follows the defined reporting (table) structure and provides the user options to enhance the report with language choices, show/hide empty rows/columns and tables but also supports custom header and footers to be added. The output can be saved in PDF format but also as an inline XBRL (report that can be viewed in every browser and contains XBRL tags). This inline XBRL format is required for ESEF filings. The second type that is available is the Consistent Presentation report. This is also known as the ‘true and fair’ view of an XBRL report. The rendering is fully based on the specification defined by SBR, accountants, branch organization and software vendors and is a defined set of rules on how to make a technical XBRL format readable in a consistent way.

Stay tuned next week for the Delivery Module.

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