About Us

Our mission, our values and our people are what enable us to do the best and be the best for our customers and partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide standard based software enabling financial and business reporting requirements. We strive to be the subject matter expert, comprehensive and involved in the market and industry to help you navigate rapid changes globally. Our success ensures you have reduced your risk and optimized your business processes in this domain through the innovated application of technology.

Our Values

  • True North – Do what’s right for the customer, do what’s right for the industry, do what’s right for yourself, do what’s right for the company.
  • Ownership – Don’t be afraid to get our hands dirty and get involved.
  • Intensity – Under promise and over deliver.  If you’re going to do it, put 110% of effort and quality into it.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – There’s no problem that can’t be solved, there’s always something we can do.
  • Humility – Know what you do know, know what you don’t know.  Making mistakes and trying something to learn is OK.

Our Achievements

We are an ISO-certified company. 

ISO certificates matches the cultural and organizational change we have gone through positively in the last year.  And our enterprise customers appreciate this effort and new quality level we operate at within Semansys knowing what they can expect from our reliability.  New customers have the conformability that their investment into us as a supplier of business reporting to their core processes will be handled at a certain quality level minimizing their risk.  We believe it’s a testimony of trust, before even working with us.  

 Our team put in significant effort through the last year; changing the culture of the organization, preparing the necessary documentation, going through the multiple levels of audits to achieve these certificates.  It’s a big achievement that we believe will be a differentiator when deciding who to work with in this space.  

Our People

Michael van Genderen

Product  Manager

Started in the  XBRL space since early 2000 at the infancy of the specification. Involved directly in a wide range of projects and implementations including Business Analyses and full supply-chain solutions supporting XBRL and SBR. During this period created one of the first SBR taxonomies in The Netherlands and led the first operational XBRL-project for the Waterboards.  Through these experiences in standard business reporting (SBR), Michael has gained a deep understanding of; reports (instances), taxonomies, meta-data, tables and assertions, inline and DPM models. My passion lies with supporting organizatons in developings solutions in digital standardized reporting and utilize our products to their fullest potential.

Boyka Terekieva 

Delivery Manager 
Boyka is a well-caffeinated, people-orientated manager with a passion for business transformation, disrupting the status-quo and introducing change. She’s held various consultant, project management and lead roles to help get organizations where they were headed faster, better and more streamlined. 
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Charles Noble

Commercial Director 
Born and raised in Canada with work, education, and personal experience from all corners of the globe including but not limited to The United States of America, The People’s Republic of China, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. With an MBA and Electrical Engineering educational background, he has a unique perspective and approach to managing commercial developments. Charles is continually aiming for the best results for all stakeholders and calculating the optimal way to get there. Always there with a persistent and positive attitude to get results. Linkedin - Free social media icons 

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