What Does This Mean?

“XBRL Certified Software™ is software that has been inspected by XBRL International for conformance with the XBRL specifications. The certification programme exists to ensure interoperability between XBRL software products, ensuring that XBRL reports created in one piece of software can be consumed successfully in another and that those reports will be consumed the same way by other pieces of XBRL Certified Software™.” XBRL International

This certifies our core engine which is embedded in all software including SemansysNext, xbrlOne, xbrlOne Compliant and our desktop products. With this certification we have proven that the software is able to correctly create and validate XBRL reports according to the appropriate specifications. To be granted the XBRL Certified Software™ label, the software has to be inspected by XBRL International for conformance with the XBRL specifications. The most recent accreditation was received in September 2021 and is renewed each year.

Ok That Sounds Great But What Value Does This Provide?

All Semansys software products (online portal, APIs and desktop) are all built upon this XBRL Certified Software™ core technology ‘Semansys XBRL Engine’. This contains full support for the digital business reporting chain, which includes report creation, validation, rendering, delivery and analysis, as well as viewing and extending taxonomies.

With the backing of XBRL International this means you don’t have to just take our word for the guarantee that the software is qualified and will perform. In addition you know that any report generated by our application or another certified application will work seamlessly.

Semansys XBRL Engine now to fully supports the following specifications completely:

– XBRL Core v2.1

– XBRL Dimensions v1.0

– Inline XBRL v1.1

– Transformation Rules Registry v3

We will continue to extend the list of specifications certified, so keep an eye out for more information.

Read more about the Semansys.XBRL.Engine – XBRL Certified Software in their article about our certification at XBRL international.

Next week we will start our series of articles about SemansysNext. For more information please contact us at info@semansys.com. We would be happy to schedule a demo or provide more detail about any of our capabilities.