Hello All,

We hope everything is going well for you and your families and wanted to drop a short line to inform you of our reaction to the Coronavirus. 

  • All our colleagues are working from home where possible and warranted.  We’re providing facilities to enable this for the short to mid-term so there will be no drop-in service to you.  Additionally, our HR is monitoring the situation closely.
  • Most of you have direct access to Michael or myself via our cell and/or direct line (IP based) which will continue.  We will plan some of our in-person meetings in the next three weeks to be online and remote where possible.  
  • To ensure coverage, please also drop a line and include support@semansys.wpcomstaging.com.  Both Michael and myself are checking this on a regular basis and will ensure your request gets responded on in a timely fashion and the right people are involved from our side.  In the future, this will also be used as a ticketing system to track incidents.

Feel free to drop me or Michael an email if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thanks and best regards,
Asish Dash,
CEO, Semansys Technologies