Sign, deliver and verify that your business report makes it to the correct location


Generating qualified business reporting data is important but making sure that data makes it to the correct location for the correct reason is equally as important. Whether it’s internal usage by another system, regulatory bodies to fulfill business administration filings, or industry networks to collaborate on open data making sure the data reaches it’s destination makes it useful.  Signing gives you the ability to sign and certify the content sent securely between systems and ensure the sender is actually the sender and the connection is secure

Semansys ensures that when you trigger the delivery, your report is sent to the destination with status and retry mechanisms

Semansys also gives you the ability to optionally sign and certify the content sent securely between systems. Currently, we have a small set of regulatory bodies and networks configured in our API and cloud systems out of the box.  We’re constantly expanding this list and happy to partner with groups to launch the integration.  Please reach out to via any of our channels to discuss your needs.


Download our White Paper 📩

This whitepaper will give you a detailed view of how our tools can be easily used to validate, audit & control your business reporting data with ease. You will also find details of the features supported, benefits offered as well as architecture.

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