Desktop Solutions

Flexible, adaptable and low-cost technology that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Our full range desktop suite of XBRL solutions we offer end users, regulators, software developers and intermediaries, the possibility to benefit from the power and advantages of the worldwide XBRL standard for financial and business reporting XBRL without the necessity to invest a lot of time and money in understanding the standard.


We provide the following desktop solutions for XBRL reporting:

XBRL Data Editor

The xbrlOne Data Editor makes it easy to turn a CSV, XBRL and XML file into an XBRL instance document.

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XBRL Control

The xbrlControl allows any company to setup and maintain sophisticated assurance models and calculations in a way that is fully transparent to internal and external auditors.

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XBRL Integrator

The XBRL Integrator enables advanced use cases of larger quantities of XBRL instances. 

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XBRL Enhancer

The XBRL Enhancer allows the user to create extension taxonomies.  Allowing for new concepts, definitions, relationships, etc that is ensured that the sender and receiver will know is valid and will be accepted.

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XBRL Insight

The XBRL Insight is the desktop version of our cloud product.  It is a combined solution including rendering, validation (Standards, XML, XBRL, Assertions and Formulas) and reporting.  Enabling financial professionals auditors and accountants to verify and compare business reports efficiently.

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