Input and Import

Turn any business data into an XBRL instance with the unique solution of xbrlOne


Regulators and industry networks often require that businesses must create and submit data in a standard format, most relying upon the XBRL standard. This business data is present, but in different formats (Excel, CSV, XBRL, PDF, XML, etc), different repositories or through different existing processes. This means mapping the existing business data to create an XBRL instance. Therefore, you often need an interface to combine these multiple source data sets and merge them into a single XBRL instance document by mapping to and using concepts from the taxonomy.  

Semansys makes the process of creating XBRL very efficient, increasing accuracy and saving time and costs

We have 2 tools to help you namely xbrlOne Data Editor (desktop) and xbrlOne (cloud) 

xbrlOne Data Editor

The easiest way to manage and map datafrom different input sources to XBRL behind your firewall. 

  • Ease of use with minimal maintenance and low costs 
  • Works with any format of source data set (Excel, CSV, XBRL, XML) 
  • Fully XBRL compliant 
  • Ability to make XBRL instance document for any taxonomy 


The API and Cloud platform for XBRL generation, validation, processing, and benchmarking. 

    • Ease of use with minimal maintainance and low cost
    • Can be accessed from any browser or any location.
    • One stop solution for taxonomy viewing, XBRL report generation, technical and financial validation, processing of received reporting and benchmarking of market or corporate data.

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