How to
Optimize Your
Management Reports

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July 5th, 2021, at 10:00 AM CET

Register soon because space is limited.  We hope you’re able to join us! 


In this webinar, we will review an experiment.
We worked together with the Dutch government and their ministry of education to address the pain of creating management reports. We will show both the technical solution, but also discuss the envisioned business process before and after including the pain points addressed. Through this, we hope that you as an attendee can be inspired to use Taxonomy and XBRL technologies not only for financial reporting but in other areas (management, sustainability, climate, diversity, etc).

When you join our webinar you will get in contact with managers, interested businesses, and (governmental) organizations who are also interested in the subject. Building and expanding your network is a reason you should join our events.



Michael started in the Business intelligence market and moved towards Semantic modeling. For the last years, he has been active in the XBRL space. He was part of various kick-starting digital reporting processes and implementation using XBRL in and outside the Netherlands.

Michael also consulted and guided various projects from beginning to end while implementing XBRL into companies reporting landscape. He’s Currently the Product Manager of Semansys. He is continuously defining our products to provide standard-based software enabling financial and business reporting requirements. 










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