SemansysNext Taxonomy and Analysis Modules

SemansysNext is a newly developed platform that is API driven bringing the modules and their functionality towards users via a portal. This means that all the functionality available is developed as an API first and used within the portal. This allows full flexibility for users to either use the online portal to execute the task they want to complete or the opportunity to integrate the same functionality via APIs into existing software solutions.

Here is the last in our series to highlight the Modules:

Taxonomy Module
The T-module is a fully functional taxonomy viewer and editor. It is used to generate entry points and entry forms for users to enter data in the input and import module. It supports users in various reporting aspects like dimensions and field validations defined and available in taxonomies. All XBRL valid taxonomies are supported by the module. The taxonomy extensions enabled by this module are essential for ESEF reporting.

Analysis Module
Having standardized and qualified data is the biggest advantage of digital reporting. The A-module allows a user to upload or select a previously uploaded XBRL report and compare between themselves now and previous years or any other XBRL file, even specific competitors in the market. This supports various views including tables and graphs which can be exported to PDF, CSV, iXBRL, or other file formats for distribution.

Stay tuned next week for the start of our ‘March Towards ESEF’ 3 part mini-series as we approach our ESEF webinar on March 17th, 2022.

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