Taxonomy Development

Build and Validate taxonomies and extension taxonomies with our easy to use tools 

The first part the business reporting chain is taxonomy development. A taxonomy is a set of rules and terminology that ensures that reporting is consistent and unambiguousThis is typically done alongside (if not by) the business, government, or regulatory body. As regulations or business needs evolve, taxonomies are developed, reviewed, released and maintained by the owner.   

Often business owners, accountants, auditors need to provide additional information specific to their report in the form of foot notes etc. Hence taxonomies are often extended with this information. 

Semansys makes managing, viewing, exploring or extending taxonomies easier

We have 2 tools which help you with taxonomy development and extension

xbrlOne Enhancer Viewer

The most powerful tool for exploring,  understanding,  explaining and commenting on XBRL taxonomies online.

  • Easy integration via Desktop and API
  • An intuitive user interface in multiple languages
  • XBRL specification 2.1 compliant
  • Multi-user environment with granular control
  • Search, browse, compare, view, validate and generate extended taxonomy reports all at one place.

xbrlOne Enhancer Extension Builder

The easiest way to create your own extension taxonomy to report what you want. 

  • Easy integration
  • An intuitive user interface in multiple languages
  • No re-work. Auto-populate data from parent
  • System controlled SBR extension rules to prevent errors 
  • Easily import and extend any taxonomy 

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