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SemansysNext provides an accessible user driven platform, hosted on a tier 1 public cloud provider, that supports all facets of digital business reporting (Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, XHTML, XBRL, iXBRL).

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5 Ways to Improve Business Reporting

To increase the success of your business, you have to specify, maintain, manage, and measure important business data efficiently through detailed analysis and reporting. Understanding these metrics help you isolate problems and define success. Once you determine what...

6 Benefits of Integrated ESG Reporting

ESG refers to Environmental, Social, and Governance, which are the three key factors in measuring a businesses's sustainability and ethical effect it has. ESG reporting refers to the practice of disclosing information about these factors for managing the material risk...

How to meet ESG reporting requirements with XBRL today

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting standards are continuously updated. This article explains how XBRL supports ESG reporting with regulatory bodies.  Continue reading to learn more about ESG reporting and the functioning of XBRL. XBRL for Digital...

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