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SemansysNext provides an accessible user driven platform, hosted on a tier 1 public cloud provider, that supports all facets of digital business reporting (Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, XHTML, XBRL, iXBRL).

The future is not the data, but how you use the data

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SemansysNext gives you back your time

Save time and money.

Eliminate manual reporting by using our automated software.


Seamless integration

with great documentation

One platform many options.

Use either our user-driven web portal or the APIs for integration with any existing software system.

No more compliance headaches

Always up to standards.

Automated, flexible, and result-oriented processes for quality business reporting.

Our software is built for the way you do business today and as you grow in the future.

The perfect place to stay up to date with ongoing trends within our industry.

Analyze your competitors to get an edge

Even if you start a new business or are running an existing one, one thing you’ll definitely have is – competitors. And if you want to stand out among them to get more customers, you must conduct a competitor analysis. You will get to know what your competitors are...

The future of XBRL reporting

Trust in the quality of information is extremely important for any complex economy. When high-quality, reliable data is available for stakeholders to make decisions, markets can operate more efficiently. Corporate financial and nonfinancial information is widely...

Make regulatory business reporting efficient

Regulatory reporting is a crucial task for every business organization. These reports are essential for communicating business information together with relevant data while addressing stakeholders’ concerns. Regulatory bodies expect timely filing of accurate reports...

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