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 Semansys is an international operating company in software solutions for financial reporting and business monitoring based on semantics and XBRL. The technology is being used by more than 200 financial institutions in 18 countries. Semansys has offices in Holland and Bulgaria (Lovech).

.NET Developer

As a developer for Semansys you are expected to be pro-active working directly with the Product & Delivery Manager and Lead Developer to propose, recommend, deliver and support solutions, products, product modules or features to customers. This could involve recommending a new technology or technique, educating colleagues, discussing customer and market needs, designing, and building efficient software that “wows” our customer 😊

What else are you going to do

  • Research, design, develop, and test new technologies or techniques with the team.
  • Discuss new products, product modules, features, proof of concepts actively with the Product & Delivery Manager.
  • Evaluate implementation options and techniques and recommendations with the Lead Developer.
  • Keep up to date with industry (domain, functional, technical) trends and keep in mind how we can apply it. Occasionally supporting directly through contributions, presentations, hack-a-thons, etc.
  • Maintain and extend current client (web and desktop) and server-side applications including integration, web services/APIs and business logic.
  • Support applications into production with a DevOps mentality.
  • Responsible for complete chain of software delivery from concept, designing, development, testing, documenting through a combination of tools and techniques.

What do you need for this job

  • Completed Bachelor or Master in Computer Science or related study
  • Pro-active communication skills in English (written and spoken)
  • High level of ownership to ensure things are done (result orientated) and done to a quality you and your colleagues are happy with.
  • Humility and openness towards learning and collaborating with colleagues regardless of seniority, experience, or knowledge.
  • Positive mental attitude and “can do” approach towards problems and unknowns. Strong problem analyzing skills as well as pragmatic short- and long-term thinking.

What else do you bring to the table

  • Experience or strong interest in the following technologies: C#, .Net, XML, XML Schema, JSON, HTML/XHTML, CSS, SQL, SOAP
  • Experience in development of desktop client, web and API based solutions and working with open source technologies and 3rd party libraries.
  • Experience and knowledge in large XML processing (input, mapping, querying, and rendering).
  • Experience in high volume 24×7 cloud applications.

Obviously if you are fresh out of university, we’ll only expect 99% of these skills 😉

Why apply at Semansys

  • This is your chance to work locally in Bulgaria, without the need to be stuck in traffic or to go and visit clients. We support home-working (max 2 days/week) for those who want to.
  • Semansys was created in 1998  and acquired by Netsam in 2019. Netsam has ambitious goals for Semansys with a new business plan, new offices and lots of new hiring in Bulgaria.
    Or, as the new CEO puts it: you can be part of a startup company within a stable and financially secure group.
  • Semansys is currently undergoing the transformation from a desktop/server software company to cloud/API and mobile platforms. You will not work with legacy systems but get the chance to work with all the newer technologies like Azure, cross platform development (Electron, React Native, SSO, etc.), large data processing (NoSQL, data pipelines, etc.) and API first approaches (API Gateway, REST, JSON, GraphQL, JWT)
  • We are open to hire both junior, medior and senior developers and even freelancers looking for a exclusive client relationship with the option to become an employee in future.
  • We promote an open culture where your input and ideas are welcomed. Let’s build a great product together!


Don’t waste a minute and send your cv! If we think there could be a match we’ll contact you within a week.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Recruiter An de Jonghe ( today.

User Interface/User Experience Designer

The UI/UX designer you are responsible for producing high quality artifacts for marketing material and in application design.  You will collaborate very closely with the Product Manager to ensure that the application is designed in a consistent manner that delights the user.  Additionally, you will work with the developers to ensure that the implementation matches the designs and that the designs reflect the abilities of the technology.  As you work closely with the product, you will occasionally be exposed to the customer to evaluate various design options as well as help influence improvements on the roadmap.

What else are you going to do

  • Work side by side with Product Manager to design the application for user experience and interface. Proposing alternatives for better or more efficient implementations.
  • Work with developers to ensure implementation matches the user interface design as close as possible.
  • Collaborate with developers to push the boundaries of the current technical user interfaces and abilities. Proposing different options available to enhance the interface and experience for the user.
  • Ensure consistency of the application design, interaction, and interface. Identifying bugs or issues.
  • Be comfortable receiving critical feedback on designs and open to changing and adapting the design in a positive way.
  • Provide design artifacts centered around user flows, wireframes, prototypes, frontend artifacts for (or ready for) direct implementation.

What do you need for this job

  • Pro-active communication skills in English (written and spoken) and Bulgarian
  • Willingness to work and live in the Netherlands (The Hague)
  • At least one of:
    • 2-3 years of experience designing applications OR
    • 2-4 years of experience designing and producing marketing material
  • Willingness to coordinate and negotiate feedback cycles on design
  • Positive mental attitude and “can do” approach towards experience and interface topics. Willingness to propose and prototype different options and solutions
  • Whiteboard or drawing abilities to convey ideas
  • Experience or comfortability to working with remote companies
  • Experience with working in software development
  • Experience with human/user centered design processes and template/pattern-based thinking
  • Ability to build interactive prototypes

What else do you bring to the table

  • Ability to lead brainstorming, wireframing and story card sessions.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in parallel while staying organized
  • Ensuring colleagues are unblocked in their activities if they are dependent on you
  • Ability to judge and know the line between “perfect” and “good enough” and when to apply each.
  • Passion to simplify the user experience and automate as much as possible
  • Comfortable in SaaS based tools and working through multiple communication methods (chat, email, SharePoint, etc.) accessible through a browser.
  • Experience in newer techniques to go from “design” to “implementation” with the least loss fidelity
  • Experience in applying and implementing techniques to bring the front-end development as close to design as possible, requiring less time in development


What would be a plus

  • Experience in startup or software companies
  • Eagerness to take on additional responsibilities such as a Junior Product Manager or for other group companies.


Are you enthusiastic about this position and about us? Then apply directly by sending an email with CV to An De Jonghe, .  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Product Manager (Michael van Genderen

Our Values

  • True North – Do what’s right for the customer, do what’s right for the industry, do what’s right for yourself, do what’s right for the company.
  • Ownership – Don’t be afraid to get our hands dirty and get involved.
  • Intensity – Under promise and over deliver.  If you’re going to do it, put 110% of effort and quality into it.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – There’s no problem that can’t be solved, there’s always something we can do.
  • Humility – Know what you do know, know what you don’t know.  Making mistakes and trying something to learn is OK.